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  • Cissus trifoliata (L.) L., Mexico, W. C. Steere 3068, F
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    Description: Cissus trifoliata (L.) L., Mexico, W. C. Steere 3068, F
Current Determination: Cissus trifoliata (L.) L.
Family: Vitaceae
Habitat/Microhabitat: salt marsh

Collector(s): W. C. Steere
Collection Date: 11 August 1932
Description: Uses: En medicina las hojas y tallo como antiinflamatorio [Standley, 1930, Andrews, 1979, Osado R., 1834, Souza N., 1942, Martinez, 1969]; antitusivo [Standley, 1930, Souza N., 1942, Andrews, 1979]; disolvente, anodina [Osado R., 1834]; y para tratar absceso maduro [Souza N., 1942, Andrews, 1979]; bubas [Martinez, 1969]; dolor de cabeza [Standley, 1930, Anon, 1949, Martinez, 1969, Roys, 1931]; comezón [Standley, 1930]; madurar forúnculos [Standley, 1930, Anon, 1949, Osado R., 1834, Martinez, 1969]; flegmón [Anon, 1949]; inflamación del recto, inflamación de la rodilla [Roys, 1931]; sarna [Martinez, 1969, Osado R., 1834, Souza N., 1942, Andrews, 1979]; melífera (nectar y polen); es tóxica; las hojas y tallo como detergente (Arellano et al. 2003:607). Stems and leaves mashed and apllied as poultices to itches and various skin afflictions and inflammations; also on the head to relieve headache, and to promote hair growth; leaf decoction as remedy for common colds and bronchial complaints; fruits are acrid; tubers are poisonous, causing violent vomiting and purging if ingested; leaves may cause dermatitis similar to that occasioned by poison ivy (Morton 1981:506-507). Common names: Ta'ka'anjj (general term for vines; Anderson 2003:221). Bolon tio, bolomibi', bolontite', xbolon tibi', bolon tib, bolon tite' [Barrera, 1976]; hierba del buey (Chis, Son, Oax, Yuc), [Martinez, 1979] (Arellano et al. 2003:607). Bejuco ubi, bolontibi, campanilla, hierba del buey, rat ears, sorrel vine, thick-leaved cissus, uvilla, warero de cruz, wareru cruz, wild yam (Morton 1981:506-507).
Catalog Subset: Economic Botany
Catalog Project: Mesoamerican Ethnobotany
EMu IRN: 2789643
OccurenceID: d9863367-b788-4042-aec4-5a3a00db1b64

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